How to Buy a Used Concept2 Rower on Sale

Used Concept2 model e rower

You’re ready to get yourself in shape. You have finally found the will.

But you dread going to the gym every morning.

What can you do?

A breakthrough solution is the Concept 2 rower. It gives you a full body workout from the comfort of your home. So you can grow muscle, shed excess fat and improve your physique with just one machine.

Problem is, these babies are really expensive.

A new “Model E” Concept2 rower will set you back at least $1100. Not economical, at all. That’s like a two-year gym membership.

This is why we curated the best places to buy a used Concept2 rowing machine.

Where to look for a Used Concept2 Rowing Machine

1. Facebook Marketplace

Although it is more difficult to find one here than in other places, if you do then it’s probably a huge bargain. You can get a used concept2 rowing machine, cash in hand, for as little as $500 maybe if you’re super lucky even $400.

Just be sure that when you decide to buy the Concept2 rower, you have cash in hand and ready to meet the seller ASAP. Sellers on Facebook Marketplace don’t like to wait. Even a 2-hour delay could result in them sending you an angry text and just selling it to someone else. It’s tricky, but this is where you’ll likely find the best deals for a used Concept2 rowing machine.

2. Ebay

On Ebay, Concept 2 rowing machines are very easy to find. It's a great site because you can look nationwide and see all the shipping costs listed. You can even filter by price, condition, model, colour and much more.

But there’s a downside, Ebay is an auction place. This means that for every listing there’s often a lot of bidders that are willing to spend more than you.

3. Craigslist

Last but not the least, for all you bargain hunters, a Concept 2 rower Craigslist listing is sometimes found dirt cheap. But beware it’s a website also known for scams and spam. So you have to filter out what’s real and what isn’t. Used Concept2 rowers can go for as little as $500, just make sure it’s legit.

Another benefit is that you can find a local seller. Just drive there and pick it up. No need for shipping costs.

What to look for in a Used Concept2 Rower

Now that you know where to buy it, let's take a deeper look at what you need to know when inspecting the used Concept2 rowing machine.

Which Model to Pick

First of all, look at what model it is. Obviously the older it is, the cheaper you can get it for.

However, if you buy a used rower that is very uncomfortable then it’s not worth the money.

Your backside will hurt and your arms will hurt more due to how much harder the chain gets with age. The display often doesn’t work well, giving you different metrics than the ones you’re actually hitting.

Your best option is to get a Model D. It’s smooth, functioning and gives you all you need for a complete body workout. The  Model E is slightly more premium - you can read our Model D vs Model E comparison here.

Your hands may get painful blisters after you’ve used it for a while, but this is true for all new and used Concept2 rowing machines. Don’t worry too much about that though. It doesn’t take long for the blisters become hard calluses and stop hurting.

The Working Condition

Be a hundred percent certain that everything works before you buy a used Concept 2 rower. Make sure you inspect it in person before handing over the cash. Before meeting the seller, check the photos posted by the seller to see any signs of wear and tear. Here’s a list of the main things to check:

1. Make sure the display works, check for any scratches or problems in its functioning. They sometimes tend to become sluggish and unresponsive due to dirt, loose parts or similar.

The seat should slide. Some oil is usually added to the seat for its functioning, but check that there’s no problems with the seat itself, like a broken part. It could simply be that the slide or wheels are just dirty and it’s stopping the seat from running smoothly. If this is the case, clean them up with a rag.

Check if the fan spins. It should make a loud spinning noise and blow out air when you pull. You’ll easily notice it if it’s working, it’s very loud. Dust and sweat can sometimes clog it. So again, make sure to clean it up from time to time.

2. Pay attention to the feeling you get when pulling the handle. If it’s too hard or simply not smooth it could indicate a problem with the handle or chain

The rear and front legs should stand firmly and not wobble. Not only is it dangerous, it will impact your performance too. By not being stable your rowing form will suffer, making your performance worse.

3. Make sure the straps of the foot brackets are intact, watch out for rips in them.

The meters and age

Just like cars, a used Concept2 rower depreciates the more you use it. Check the log in the options to see how many meters have already been rowed on it.

We made a short video showing you how you can quickly check the lifetime meters and the age of the machine:

Be aware that the PM5 could have been replaced, so the age of the PM5 and the age of the rowing machine doesn't need to be the same in every case.

For more information about checking the lifetime and the age (also on PM4/PM3) see this article.

The price

Make sure you are getting a good deal, when you buy a used Concept 2 rower. This depends on a lot of factors as mentioned above. Here is a list of prices you can use as a benchmark.

Model C

The model C, is the cheapest Concept2 rower you can get. Since Concept2 rowers can last decades, it is still worth it depending on its condition. If you decide to buy it, make sure it's under $450. If it isn’t, you’re not getting the best bang for your buck.

Model D

The model D is a bargain if found under $600. But you have to take in consideration whether it has a new PM5 monitor or an older PM4 monitor. The PM5 has a lot more features, such as being able to set up a bluetooth connection to a heart rate monitor, which will display your heartbeats on the screen. On top of that it is also a lot smoother.

A PM4 will work just fine, but be sure to price in the lack of certain features.

Model E

The best option, for anyone willing to spend a little more is to buy Concept2 rower Model E. These are a deal if found under $800. That may seem like a lot and it is, but if you buy it new, it will cost $1100 or even more.

So if you stumble on a Model E used Concept 2 rower for sale, again be sure you are pricing in whether it has a PM4 or a PM5 monitor.

How to Ship a Used Rowing Machine

Shipping is expensive. Really, really expensive. It sometimes happens that you find a great deal. Here’s the issue, if shipping costs you $200, your initial “great deal” is not that great anymore. Of course your best bet is to personally pick it up.

But if you are buying a rowing machine from another state and just lack the time, here are your options:


Some sellers will offer free shipping with UPS. Others either have a fixed “shipping cost” or a shipping calculator, based on where you live.

Craigslist and Facebook MarketPlace

On these platforms you will have to sort out shipping on your own. The price depends on your location, the weight and size of the package.

Keep in mind that UPS delivers packages up to 70 pounds. Fortunately the model D has a weight of 69 pounds and shipping dimensions of 56″ x 15″ x 21.5″  (L x W x H).

A hypothetical shipment from New York to California will cost you around $160. Check the shipping calculator on for the exact price in your case, but it will rarely be over $180.

Final thoughts

Concept2 rowers are great fitness machines to stay in shape. They provide a challenging and full body workout.

However, this comes with a hefty price, with the newest model E costing $1100 or even more. And the price does not depreciate quickly, usually getting only 10% cheaper after 5 years.

But this does not mean that you can’t find a good deal for this amazing machine. You just have to have some patience.

So good luck in your search and keep an eye out for best deals!

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