Rowing Machine Benefits: Why is Rowing So Effective? [2022]

Best Indoor Rowing Machine Benefits

Rowing has gone mainstream in recent years.

Indoor rowing clubs have opened in various locations around the world.

But why?

The reason is that rowing gives you a wholesome workout. With one simple rowing stroke, you can transform your body in a matter of a couple of months.

Here are the reasons rowing is insanely effective:

1. Full-body workout

Studies show that rowing works 86 percent of the muscles in your body. It works your upper as well as lower body. It works on your cardiovascular system but also strengthens your muscles.

It also leads to significant fat loss, which makes it a dream cardio machine for people who want to improve their physique with a simple fitness routine.

To have a better look of which muscles are targeted, see the picture below:

main muscles used while rowing
Main muscles used while rowing

2. Weight Loss

According to a study done by Harvard, intense rowing can burn up to 377 calories in just 30 minutes. Even if you do it at a moderate pace, it can burn 200-300 calories depending on your weight.

Competitive rowers burn twice the number of calories in a 2000-metre course as competitive runners burn in a 3000-metre race.

This is why people who want to lose weight often choose rowing as their go-to exercise. The best part is how simple rowing is. It is just one form of motion with no complicated postures to maintain and no new moves to learn.

3. Low-impact

As fun as working out is, it can be downright exhausting. Try running for two hours a day and you will see how much stress it puts on your joints and muscles. On the other hand, rowing is a low-impact workout - it is easy on your body and you recover from it fast.

There are many cases of people who injure their knees or ankles by running too much on the treadmill. In fact, rowing is often used as a therapeutic exercise to recover from injuries. Studies show that the rotatory motion in joints including knees, elbows, shoulders and lumbar can improve 30 percent within just 8 weeks of rowing.

4. Range of Intensity

Rowing machines allow you to workout at your own pace. If you are feeling tired, you can either make slow rowing strokes or manually lower the resistance to workout at low intensity. Similarly, you can make adjustments for high-intensity.

Credits: NOHRD

5. Meditative

Just like rowing on real water is tranquil, rowing indoors can be a meditative experience. You have to repeat the same rowing stroke again and again, which feels meditative just like running. If you want to feel the tranquility, try rowing on a water rower and see how closely it simulates the feeling of rowing on a river.

It lets you leave your worries behind and release stress.

6. Strengthens the Cardiovascular System

Rowing works on the cardio vascular system, strengthening the lungs and the heart. Even 15 minutes on a rowing machine is a serious cardio workout that can improve heart and lung function in the long run.

7. Total Transformation

Ever see those before and after photos of people losing a 100 lbs. and wonder if you can do the same? Well, you don't need to learn twenty different exercises to tone your body. Rowing, as simple as it is, can transform your physique and make you look lean and muscular.

8. 'Swiss Army Knife' of the Gym

There are multiple purposes to the rowing machine. It can be used for high-intensity interval training as well as for strength training.

You can practice low-intensity endurance workouts. Ixt is also great for recovering from an injury. It can also strengthen your core. There is no other gym machine like it.

9. Low Risk of Injury

Since rowing is a low-impact exercise, it also lowers the risk of injury. You can workout at a high intensity without worrying about any negative impact on your joints. Running on the treadmill can be hard on the body and lead to injuries. But rowing is safe in comparison and in fact, used to recover from joint injuries.

10. Better Posture

The rowing machine requires you to use your back, so you develop a good posture in the process. Engaging your back during a workout helps balance muscle strength too.

11. It's easy to keep track of your progress

Almost all modern machines do allow you to track your workouts. There is a whole space of apps to analyze your performance and help you to improve. Seeing your improvements over time can be a huge motivation.

12. Workouts don't need to be long

If you consistently row 15 minutes on high intensity, it could be all you need to lose fat.

13. Great for Beginners

The gym can be intimidating for a lot of people. Many of us don't want to be seen struggling with small weights. But the rowing machine is forgiving. You can start with as little resistance as you want and work your way up.

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