NordicTrack Clicking Noise - How to get rid of it?

Last updated July 7, 2022
Nordictrack Clicking Noise

There are a lot of questions on the internet about the Nordictrack rower clicking noise. Rowers all over the world seem to be experiencing the same issue - a ‘clicking’ or ‘ticking’ noise that appears to originate from the fan and is louder at lower speeds.

We’re going to investigate the noise and point you in the right direction when it comes to a fix. It seems to originate from the same issue on most machines, so this article will help you to fix your Nordictrack rower, or seek help from Nordictrack themselves if you’d prefer to go down that route.

Where does the clicking noise come from?

The Nordictrack rower uses a combination of air and magnetic resistance, and the problem consistently comes from the same source - the internal flywheel doesn't always sit straight, forcing it to grind against the magnetic brake.

The problem is reported, in the same way, every time, and it’s often present straight out of the box, so it’s not down to user error or even high use. It’s simply a question of poor build quality in some cases, or a lack of attention to detail when it comes to quality control checks.

How to Fix the Clicking Noise yourself?

There is a short, simple, and informative video on how to fix the problem yourself. You'll need a ratchet set and a 22 mm crank puller to get the wheel off.

Once you’ve exposed the flywheel, follow the advice in the video below…

Make sure you don’t move the magnet too far away, otherwise it’ll lose effectiveness and reduce the available resistance.

Should you fix the clicking noise yourself?

If you’re a capable DIY’er, and you think you’d be capable of making the adjustments you could go for it. In reality, it’s a very simple fix. 

The tools you need are readily available, so if you’re careful and patient you can have the job done within a few minutes. If however, you’re not confident in your DIY skills, or you have the dexterity of a drunk elephant, maybe give Nordictrack a call!

If you’re not careful, you risk damaging the machine further and jeopardizing your warranty.

How to get support from Nordictrack?

The support options for Nordictrack are as follows…

Phone: 1-833-680-iFIT (4348) (24/7)

Online support:

There’s no email option there, but these two should cover your bases and open up a support dialogue should you need it.

Which models seem to be affected?

The most commonly affected machines appear to be the RW900 or RW500 and it’s the same issue each time. 

The RW200 is also impacted, but not as severely. It’s worth noting however that this machine isn’t as popular anymore (it’s not even available via Nordictrack’s website now), so it may be less frequently reported.

How often does this issue seem to come up?

Whilst there’s no way to give an absolutely accurate idea of numbers because we don’t know how many units are sold, it happens very frequently and would certainly be a cause for concern if you were in the market for one.

Based on our research, many users are googling this exact problem every month, so we can only imagine it to be a serious issue.


The fact that the same issue appears on several Nordictrack rowers suggests that they really need to address it. Whether that’s in design, manufacturing, or quality control, there’s something going wrong with the process and it needs to rectify.

It’s an issue that would really impact a buying decision, and personally, I would avoid the Nordictrack rowers until this becomes a thing of the past.

In fairness, the issue is an easy one to fix but these rowers are sold at a premium price point and this is a problem that shouldn’t be happening. Given it’s such a frequent issue, I would avoid them until it’s admitted as a regular fault, and steps are taken to fix it.

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