Heart Rate Calculator Rowing




Heart Rate

Maximum Heart Rate: 185
Heart Rate Reserve: 105

Training Heart Rate Range for aerobic training

Range: 133-159

Training Heart Rate Range for anaerobic threshold training

Range: 164-169

Frequently asked questions

How can I calculate my Maximum Heart Rate?

As a rule of thumb: 220 - Your Age. This calculator, however, uses the formula 205.8 - (0.685 x Your Age). Studies have shown that this is a better way to calculate your maximum heart rate.

How can I calculate my Heart Rate Reserve?

To calculate your Heart Rate Reserve, simply subtract Your Resting Heart Rate from your Maximum Heart Rate.

How can I measure my Resting Heart Rate?

It is recommended to measure your heart rate 4-5 days in a row straight before getting up from bed in the morning and taking the average of your measurements.

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